Hassan Ahmed – Immigration – Fairfax 703-964-0245

Hassan Ahmed – Immigration – Fairfax 703-964-0245

If you need a lawyer, chances are it’s for something important.  You wouldn’t buy a car without doing research.  Choosing a lawyer is no different.  You should know a little bit about what to expect.

The point of this information is to educate you, in simple and plain English, about the fields of law in which we practice.  That way, when you talk to an attorney, you won’t be in the dark about what you are told.  We believe that the choice of attorney is an important one.  By providing some background information in our Knowledge Center, and keeping up our blawg, we fulfill our commitment to that belief.

We encourage you to learn about the laws affecting you.  And if you have a question, email us.

That being said, this information is for education only.  Nothing can substitute for the advice of a competent attorney tailored for your particular situation.  That’s what “customized advocacy” means.  So the information on this website, and the blawg, cannot, and should not, be relied on as legal advice.  You do not become our client just by reading what you see here. 

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