Parvez Khan – Org & Exec Coach – 703.725.4831

Parvez Khan – Org & Exec Coach – 703.725.4831


I am an Organization Consultant with five years’ experience consulting for various organizations, mainly in the not-for-profit sector.

I believe that productivity in any organization is directly linked to how the members of that organization are functioning, both at the individual and group level. When the members of the organization increase their personal and group awareness, and like each other more, they will naturally work better together, increasing the overall productivity in the organization. This will, over time, increase profitability.

How do I do work?
I act as a catalyst for the organization, specifically intending to help the people in that company embrace change and gain clarity about their work. By infusing the client with energy to allow them to make that change they want to embrace, we co-create the ideal version of their company, in functionality and structure.